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I was called and e-mailed SEVERAL times after posting my resume on Careerbuilder & Monster.com.I found that very odd but I decided to call and at least listen to what was being offered (the voicemails and e-mails gave no significant details of exact position or duties).

When I reached the lovely (Athanasia Medenas Human Resources | 5 North, Inc. 212.695.0039 12 West 31st Street, 2nd Fl New York, NY 10001) I was treated to lack of information and details of what the position entailed.

After a few more questions, and lack of answers I realized the gut feeling I had as a scam was too much to travel to New York for an interview.After canceling my interview and reading these reviews here and else where I suggest you don't waste a perfectly good suite and a Metrocard on these clowns!!


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You can read former employee reviews at glassdoor.You dodged a bullet as you would have been walking around all day, going door to door for 100% commission.

No base salary and no benefits.You would have been responsible for all your own taxes, gas, meals, tolls and your own bail money if you got busted for soliciting without a license.


I totally agree!!

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