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Sadly I fell victim to this fake and fraudulent company called 5 North Inc. (www.5northnyc.com) This company posted ads for account executive position on numerous job sites and they say that its a form of marketing and advertising firm that "help" fortune 500 companies get their word out. Well all of that talk is FALSE because all you do is follow a person around going from door to door asking to see a utility bill. This compnay prays on new college grads that are looking for work (i was one of them) and they expect them to walk the streets in crazy weather with little pay. One "supposed" worker at this company went over compensation saying that a account executive can make between $300 and $600 every week, while actually the account exes make less than a $100 a week. This company was based out of St. Lucia, MO and they have decided to come here to New York and continue their scams and decite. Don't let them get you like how they got me!!!!! This is more than a warning STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

I have a open case with the Better Business Bureau who will definitely look into this matter and make sure that this company is shut down, so if you see this comapny call or email or try to contact you, stay away its for your better good.

P.S. There are other complaints about this company so please do your research!

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Many companies doing the same thing. My question is how do they manage to survive so long?

Just on residuals from former salespeople? Some change their name about every two years, that is one tactic. Very typical type scam here. Unlike in the 1980's when I was dubbed into an interview to sell "Royal Prestige" cookware, we have the internet.

Beware immediate calls to contact you, multiple nonsense interviews, and no hard information. Than Merrill, with is real estate scamimars, even an auto dealership, I think King Dodge in St. Louis hired this scam artist who wanted you to pay $700 for "training you", his spiel was "If you need to fix our car to work a job, wouldn't you pay $700?"Another tactic, I think 5 North is also using it, it so mimic a good, old company. Search the Sec.

of State in your State, see what their legal entity is and if it's not been around 10 or more years.

Use caution. Most of these door to door places are, like I said around two years old, then disappear.

Providence, Utah, United States #1218579

The Spin Group Inc is a new company that has just popped up that is doing this exact thing. Beware and stay away.

Could not get a honest answer out of anyone there.

Went through 3 interviews and had the job and I didn't even know what the job was!

Did not end up going on the first day because I found out exactly what the job was, a false scam to get me to go door to door in any weather conditions. A false promise of a management position when it's clear they use you until they're done with you then get rid of you.


I'm glad I found this out I had an interview but didn't show up I new it was a scam because my resume has nothing to do with a account manager so I ask myself is this real smh nah I'm not gone waste my time


They are a scam. I went in for the interview and told them I researched their company and was confused to what they actually market.

Once they knew I researched them, which everyone should do before any interview the so called recruiter became very rushed. He would not answer a direct question. Just for an FYI....never give your social security number or any person information to these people until they actually find you a position if there really is anything out there.

I was lucky, my interview was in Jersey City and I was in the area anyway...but I met someone out of work that just spent a lot of money to go into New York for this nonsense interview. When you are out of work, that's alot of money to waste.


Forest Hills, New York, United States #932495

there are quite many marketing company which takes advantage of people seeking for employment.

They lure you in for supposed "interview" and ask you to work for free and pay your own transportation on their benefit to walk in poor safety at risk neighborhood selling services and products that no one wants and wait til the very end of the day to tell you that it is by commission only. Be a victim only if you are desperate.

to no ethics Hazlet, New Jersey, United States #940641

WOW! So glad I found this site.

After posting my resume on careerbuilder I'm thinking that it was a mistake to do so because all I am getting are these SCAM Marketing "job" interviews.

I'm sorry to say but I am far too educated to be walking door to door in the cold and heat for anyone! Thank you for posting this and more people should do their research before wasting their time and money on this so called interview!


I'm actually embarrassed to say that I fell for 5 North's job advertisement. I actually hate thinking about or even admitting to myself that 4 weeks of that *** really happened.

It's not so much a "scam" - they just are not upfront about the job position because they acknowledge that calling it what it is will not allow them to acquire any prospective workers. I remember first applying for account manager or something, and then I saw another job name that seemed more appealing - maybe it was "executive manager". I called in asking about the difference between these two positions and I was not given an answer - my question was overlooked and i was simply asked if I'd like to set up an interview time. It later dawned on me that this was because their strategy is to list the same position under different appealing descriptions, without necessarily lieing that these jobs are not the same.

Again not a "scam" but very shady and a terrible job. The employee retention is so low that each week they have pre-management meetings to remind employees of the job benefits. When I quit, it came as no surprise to Rebby - the boss, because it's a revolving door business. my group leader was actually told in front of me to let it go and keep moving forward.

So disappointed that I found myself walking blocks with sore feet for hours in the heat. Good thing I didn't stay for too too long.

to disappointed..inmyselflol New York, New York, United States #912114

"they just are not upfront about the job position because they acknowledge that calling it what it is will not allow them to acquire any prospective workers."

That's like taking your wedding ring off at a bar because, "Hey, I might not bang half as many women behind my wife's back if these broads all knew I was hitched." It's filthy behavior. Don't defend these people at all.

I just accepted an appointment for an interview after confronting the caller and asking point-blank, "seriously, is this a bona-fide job, or is it gonna turn out to be something different when I get there?" I even told her that I had to find a babysitter and pay around $30 more from train and subway fare to get there." She STILL told me it was a "management training position."

Then I googled them and the complaints flooded the screen. After calling back, I found that she had signed her email to me with a different name than was on the email address itself.

Lies lies lies.

to disappointed..inmyselflol Forest Hills, New York, United States #932497

i totally agree,

and there is another company called OMG marketing which does exactly the same thing.

Do not fall for it, they make you work for free and does not even have the decency to pay your transportation for their own benefit of getting free labor for the day.

I was doubting about all these negative postings but it finally occur to me that this is how they get their free labor.


I was thinking about applying, but couldn't really find information on EXACTLY what this company does. Very lucrative.

Good thing I saw this site. Thanks

New York, New York, United States #867935

Thank you for letting me know... they just called me.. I aint going no where....


got called for an interview! not interested I've done a lot of research & this company seems to bogus to me!!

thanks but no thanks!!

thank you jaybiz2k5!! I read a lot of bad reviews from this company, if that's the case then I will stay home & sell AVON!!...LOl!!!=)


Thank you for this review. I am extremely lucky to have come across this review. I saw a similar ad on Mon ster.com and almost fell for it

New York, New York, United States #812741

I agree.I went to the office..it seemed good but they are fake!!

Don't waste your time

New York, New York, United States #812297

Thank you so much for posting this. Going on staffing interviews is already a hassle.

Thank you for saving people who are unemployed and is looking for a job. God bless

Brooklyn, New York, United States #812296

wow i have a interview at 2pm. I'm about to cancel that ***!


Do you get paid by the hour??


St. Lucia? Never heard of it.


So disappointing! They called me for an interview and when they sent me a confirmation email they didn't even say what position I was interviewing for...

I thought that was so bizarre. They didn't ask me any kind of interview questions on my "phone interview" and I definitely do not want to go all the way into manhattan when I could be working and making actual money.

I'm so happy I checked this out before I spent the money for the train ride into the city.

to These reviews are very helpful Forest Hills, New York, United States #932501

never go to a marketing company that ask you to walk all day in the freezing cold or heat and promise you that you will be told compensation at the end of day. they will tell you, and it will be that the job is on commission only.

I wasted two day to see them- good thing i did not spend another wasteful day walking cold calling all day from store to store or house to house. I have a thousand better things to do.

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