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Sadly I fell victim to this fake and fraudulent company called 5 North Inc. (www.5northnyc.com) This company posted ads for account executive position on numerous job sites and they say that its a form of marketing and advertising firm that "help" fortune 500 companies get their word out. Well all of that talk is FALSE because all you do is follow a person around going from door to door asking to see a utility bill. This compnay prays on new college grads that are looking for work (i was one of them) and they expect them to walk the streets in crazy weather with little pay. One "supposed" worker at this company went over compensation saying that a account executive can make between $300 and $600 every week, while actually the account exes make less than a $100 a week. This company was based out of St. Lucia, MO and they have decided to come here to New York and continue their scams and decite. Don't let them get you like how they got me!!!!! This is more than a warning STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!

I have a open case with the Better Business Bureau who will definitely look into this matter and make sure that this company is shut down, so if you see this comapny call or email or try to contact you, stay away its for your better good.

P.S. There are other complaints about this company so please do your research!

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Hillside, New Jersey, United States #752896

Thank you i have an interview with them tomorrow


OMG!!!! Thank you so much I had an interview scheduled with them as well and now I know better then to show up. Thanks.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #739280

New York Client Solutions is pretty much the same thing. I worked for them and quit.

Door to door. On my feet for 10+ hours a day. Worked for 4 weeks and only made $220 dollars.

Google DS Max. 5 North and Troy International are in this same shady scampire.

Brooklyn, New York, United States #739272

Thanks for this. I was ascheduled for a second interview with them for tomorrow, but now I know not to waste my time.

Bronx, New York, United States #738159

I thank you. Because I just got off the phone with them and they scheduled me for tomorrow...

And I'm a college grad too.

Looking for a management position.. I'm glad u warned me :grin

to Marie #739152

They scheduled me for tomorrow too! I've dealt with companies like this before. I'm canceling!


thats crazy, i just spoke to their HR rep and gave give an interview for 2:15

pm. Guess ill cancel that, thanks guys for saving my time


Wow they just called me to call them back for an interview. I remembered the address on 31street in New York City.

Funny thing is I worked for Appaco Group going from door to door trying to get people to sign up for Childfund AND THERE ADDRESS IS ON 30th street.

These companies are both scams, Appacco had me on my feet 10+ hrs the first day, they always mentioned they would pay $350/week or $70/day at 10 hrs a day is less than$7/hr DONT DO IT. The reviews are right they go to WORKFOCE ONE IN ALL BOROUGHS looking for recent grads or people out of work WITH NO CHILDREN.


Thank you all for your helpful advice, i have an interview with them tom @ 1:45pm it sounded too good to be true. :cry

Campbell Hall, New York, United States #734137

I totally agree and have have had a terrible experience they brag about their company this and that, but man its going to people door to door i was walking all around brooklyn to ask people to change their connet bill to direct supplies whatever, it was but every person you go to is already so frustrated because they are disturbed by so many of these scam people troubling them to change their supplier so they have to pay less but few of them who already did something like this in the past got even higher bill than their earlier ones, lol so they are so they insult you. I just went there for 2 days and figured out what a big scam it was.

Its like making money out of people in return for almost nothing.

8 hours of listening to those rejections and they pay nothing . well i hope to save you some time so beware.


thanks. I was contacted today for an interview and decided to do some research. most of the things I've read are negative.

New York, New York, United States #711545

They are posted all over career builder. Thanks for the heads up, you saved me alot of headache

Brooklyn, New York, United States #695130

Glad I read up on this. I was about to apply for a job there until I did research beforehand.

These people need to be shut down. :(

Edison, New Jersey, United States #694685

thanks for the heads up, just saved me the time going into NYC


I didn't mean to hit ***. I actually wanted to see reviews of why people thought your post was ***.

Could you please remove my vote. I'm trying to research the company to determine if it is actually a fraud or worth my time. Sorry about that!

Please remove if it can be done. Thanks.


Thanks so much for the comment! I can't believe my first interview is a spam...

Oak Park, Michigan, United States #686573

Thanks alot very helpful


They called me today saying i needed a little more qualifications but wanted to speak to me to ask me some 'follow up' questions. When i called them back they wanted to know was i still looking for a fulltime position and offered to do ask interview.

i was puzzeled about me not meeting the qualifications but still wasn't to do an interview, i asked them what dots this job contain and Cloey (the girl i spoke to) said it's a marketing company for 500 fortune companies. That's when i knew it was ***. I looked up the reviews for this company and here i am.

Don't fall for this bull *** company. They use people that work for them and try to scam the customers to stitch their electric company account

to x #672630

Sorry for the typos and misspelling words.

New York, New York, United States #671041

I have an interview Monday. glad instead this because my job hunt is getting desperate and I need a job or else I will lose my home.

*** bags. I should know whenever I get a email or call like this after I post my resume on career builder or monster its a fraud. I hate people who hurt people.

why? :-( :?

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