Everything Wrong with 5 North:

1. They lie about everything. When I was hired, I was upfront about needing a base salary, and was reassured by my manager, Meghan, that I could do that. While this is technically true, it is almost a statistical impossibility. The only way to get the base salary is to reach quota--if you don't, you'll make straight commission. I was also told that the hours were 8:30 - 5:30, but this too is a lie. My first day started at 8:30, but every day afterward started earlier and ended later, some days starting as early as 7:30 and ending as late at 7 pm. That's an 11.5 hour workday for those counting, so not only are employees not being paid for their time, they're working nearly illegal hours. Last, they also lie about the possibility of getting health insurance. I honestly think that they just tell people this so they'll accept the "job". Maybe now that the ACA is in full effect they'll actually provide insurance, but seeing as they don't follow Labor Laws regarding working hours, I doubt they'll follow this.

2. They don't provide travel reimbursement. This job requires you to travel to and from the office in Manhattan as well as to whatever far flung part of NYC they send you to for that day. In the end, you're spending about $10 per day to work as an indentured servant without the bonus of being given a house at the end of servitude.

3. The only way to get ahead in this company is to recruit more people to work under you. This is not management training. It is a Pyramid Scheme, pure and simple.

4. They attempt to brainwash you into thinking that it is the best place to work. They show you slideshows of how much fun you'll have while working for them and they have their "senior employees" (i.e. anyone there for more than 6 months) talk about how much money they make while working there and how they're getting ready to run their own office.

5. They send you out to immigrant neighborhoods and you are tasked with manipulating people who don't speak English into buying from you. Those poor people have no idea what they're signing, but that doesn't matter so long as they sign on the dotted line. This was the worst part of working there--being made into Mephistopheles, getting people to sign a contract with the devil.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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